Indonesia Homestay Program UMM 2014 (Deadline 17 July 2014)

Great opportunity to host and learn English by hosting students from England.

Indonesian Education and Culture Attaché in London

Indonesian Homestay Program (IHP) is a program for international students of foreign learners who are interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia, practicing Javanese Culture, and living at the local community families.

The objectives of this project are;

  • To enrich knowledge and skills on cultural exchange between a local individual family and visiting foreign people who come to live as a ‘member’ of a family.
  • To give the opportunities for foreign people to visit, to observe, to get involved and to learn about natural, social and cultural heritage of East Java.
  • To learn in Bahasa Indonesia and uppgrade communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia.

The Applicants are categorized into two groups;

  • Institutional Applicants.
  1. One group consitis of at least 10 persons.
  2. The applicants are coordinated by University/International Relations Office/faculty/Department/Unit/etc. of the home country
  • Individual Applicats.
  1. The applicants can apply by themselves as individual applicants.
  2. the participants of individual applicants are limited 10…

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